TV Show Temptations Quarterly Challenge

TV Show Temptations Quarterly Challenge
September 15, 2014 - December 14th, 2014

Our Quarterly Challenge is based on current TV shows. Lots of shows are starting up again for the season....let's have some fun with some of our favorites!

TV Watching Levels-

5 books read- Occasional watcher

10 books read- Casual watcher

15 books read- Regular watcher

20 books read-with Bonus- Couch potato!

TV Show Categories -

1. Top Chef- MC is a chef, works in the food industry, food on cover
2. Sons of Anarchy- bad boy or motorcycle gang MC, motorcycle on cover
3. American Idol/The Voice- singer MC, microphone or lights on cover, 'Music,Voice, Sing' in title
4. Pretty Little Liars- YA, best friends in story, MC with a secret/something to hide.
5. Shark Tank- millionaire/billionaire executive MC, set at sea, ocean or fish on cover.
6. Vampire Diaries - vampires, witches, ghosts, MC writes in a diary, love triangle in story.
7. Survivor- island, palm tree, sun or rain on cover, stranded, shipwrecked in story
8. The Walking Dead- zombies, apocalyptic story, weapon on cover or used in story.
9. The Big Bang Theory- humor, scientists, physicists, opposites attract story.
10.Dancing with the Stars- dancer MC or dancing/dance in story, shoes on cover, MC tries something completely new and out of their comfort zone.
11. Modern Family- LGBT, adoption in storyline, family featured in storyline.
12. Downton Abbey- historical, set in England, author from England
13. Monday Night Football- MC is an athlete, sportscaster or sports fan, sports equipment or athlete on cover.
14. Homeland- armed forces MC, kidnapping in story, kick ass heroine.
15. America's Next Top Model- MC is in fashion industry, photographer, or face on the cover

BONUS- books tbd
What are your favorite TV shows? Any of them different from the above list?
Choose 5 different TV shows that are not named above and design your own task.
You may begin the Bonus after completing one level. You don't have to choose the highest level to be able to do the Bonus, you just need to complete Level 1 before you can start on the bonus books.

16. Outlander on Starz - set in Scotland
17. World Series - baseball MC, published in October
18. Turn! (about G. Washington's spies) - spies, black ops
19.  This Old House - construction, landscaping MC
20.  19 Kids and Counting - large family

10.  When We Met - Susan Mallery (HQN - May 2014) (guy leader for little girls) - Sept 19
13.  Until We Touch - Susan Mallery (HQN - June 2014) (former pro football player) - Sept 21

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