Quarterly Cookie Challenge

The Quarterly Cookie Challenge
December 15, 2013 - March 15, 2014

In America, a cookie is described as a thin, sweet, usually small cake. By definition, a cookie can be any of a variety of hand-held, flour-based sweet cakes, either crisp or soft.

Each country has its own word for "cookie." What Americans know as cookies are called biscuits in England and Australia, in Spain they're galletas, Germans call them keks or Pl├Ątzchen for Christmas cookies, and in Italy there are several names to identify various forms of cookies including amaretti and biscotti, and so on. The name cookie is derived from the Dutch word koekje, meaning "small or little cake." Biscuit comes from the Latin word bis coctum, which means, “twice baked.”

There is no minimum page count, re-reads and audio books are allowed. You can choose any level to start with, and you can always move up or down levels at any time. You can add the bonus on to any level you complete.

Challenge Levels-

4 books read- Just a taste

8 books read- Several cookies to dunk in milk

12 books read- A sleeve of cookies

15 books read- The whole box!

With Bonus- Craving Cookies

1. Oreo Cookies- The best-selling cookie in the United States. Read a best-selling book; one that has been on any 'best seller' list (i.e. Amazon ebook romance bestsellers, New York Times Bestsellers list) or a book with over 1000 ratings on Goodreads.

2. Nilla Wafers- Read a 'vanilla' romance and/or a romance with an innocent and/or sweet character.

3. Chips Ahoy- It is the second-best-selling cookie in the United States- Read a book set at sea or on a boat, or read a book that is the second in a series.

4. Nutter Butter- a peanut shaped cookie- Read a book with an eccentric, kooky or weird character, or read a book with a small child in it.

5. Tim-Tam- named by an Australian after a horse in the Kentucky Derby in 1958 (and my new favorite cookie- thanks Jane!)- Read a book set in Australia or Kentucky, or written by an author from Australia or Kentucky. Or a book with a horse on the cover.

6. Snickerdoodles- Read a humorous book or a book with a smiling person on the cover.

7. Thin Mints- the highest selling Girl Scout cookie- Read a book with a character that helps out another, or a shorter book (thin).

8. Animal Cracker Cookies- Read a book with an animal in the story and/or on the cover or read a book with a strong alpha character (an animal in bed).

9. Mallomars- Read a book with a planet, moon, stars or night sky on the cover, or a book with an astronomer or space traveler in the story.

10. Do-si-do- 4th most popular Girl Scout Cookie- Read a book with a dancer or dance in the story or a book with 4 words in the title.

11. Pepperidge Farm Milano- Read a book with an Italian author(birth or living there now), setting or character. Or read a book with a farmer/rancher character.

12. Fortune Cookie- An American concept based on a Japanese recipe, found in Chinese restaurants, but not in China- Read a book with a multi-cultural couple or read a book with a character who has some luck.

13. Gingerbread Cookie- 1st documented in 16th century England in the court of Elizabeth the 1st- Read a book with a historical setting or read a book with a holiday theme.

14. 7 layer Magic Cookie Bars- Read a book with magic in the story or read a book with 7 letters in the title or a book with a character that is hiding something.

15. Rainbow Cookies- Read a book with at least 3 colors on the cover or read an LGBT book.

Cookie Monster Bonus

Cookie Monster is a beloved character from the children's t.v. show Sesame Street. Cookies are the Cookie Monster's favorite 'sometimes food'. Cookie Monster is blue, furry and famously sings the song 'C' Is For Cookie on the show.

1. Read a book with an author's first or last name that begins with 'C'.

2. Read a book with a mostly blue cover

3. Read a book with a main character that sings

4. Read a book with food on the cover or a supernatural creature on the cover or in the story

1.  Bedding Lord Ned - Sally MacKenzie (Zebra - June 2012) (1,010 ratings) - Jan 19
3.  Blame It on Texas - Christie Craig (Forever - Sept 2012) (2nd in series) - Jan 7
4.  The Maverick's Christmas Baby - Victoria Pade (HSE #2301- Dec 2013) (hero has 3 sons) - Dec 17
9.  Tennessee Takedown - Lena Diaz (HI #1476 - Feb 2014) (night) - Jan 17
11.  Pregnant by Morning - Kat Cantrell (HD #2278 - Jan 2014) (Venice Italy) - Dec 26
12.  The Greek's Tiny Miracle - Rebecca Winters (HR #4407 -Jan 2014) (Greek/American) - Jan 17
13.  Her Highland Protector - Ann Lethbridge (HH #1144 - July 2013) (historical) - Jan 11
14.  A Cold Creek Christmas Surprise - RaeAnne Thayne (HSE #2299 - Dec 2013) (hiding something) - Jan 14
15.  Devil's Highlander - Veronica Wolff (Berkley - Aug 2010) (many colors) - Jan 20

1.  A Dangerous Man - Connie Brockway (Dell - July 1996) - Jan 22
4.  Raven's Hollow - Jenna Ryan (HI #1478 - Feb 2014) (raven) - Jan 18

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