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Cold Case at Camden Crossing - Rita Herron (HI #1463 - Dec 2013)

Series: Cold Case (Book 1)

People in town believe Tawny-Lynn Boulder is the only reason the Camden Cross case went unsolved. She survived the bus accident that left several dead and two missing, but the severe trauma left her with amnesia. So when she returns to her family's ranch after seven years, Sheriff Chaz Camden presses her to help locate the girls who were never found -- including his own sister. But someone in town is threatening to kill Tawny-Lynn to keep the case closed. Now she must trust that the sexy sheriff she once loved will protect her and show this murderer that in Camden, accidents don't happen…justice does.

Excellent book, I got so involved that I could not put it down. Tawny isn't happy about coming back to Camden Crossing, but someone has to deal with the ranch after her father's death. She left town as soon as she graduated from high school, unable to deal with the way people treated her after the accident. She was the only survivor, but thanks to a concussion and the trauma, she has no memory of the day the accident happened. All she knows is that her sister and one other girl are missing and everyone blames her for not remembering what she may have seen.

The first person she saw when she arrived was Chaz Camden, who is now the sheriff. Besides being the brother of her sister's best friend and the other missing girl, he was also the boy she'd had a crush on. She immediately notices the changes in him, and how sexy he has become. She's attracted to him, but can't forget the way that his family treated her after the accident. All she wants to do is get the property ready to sell and leave town. There's an unpleasant surprise waiting for her inside the house - a threatening message, written in blood. Then, on her way back to town from getting cleaning supplies, someone runs her off the road.

Chaz is stunned by the changes in Tawny. She's no longer the skinny kid that he remembers tagging along behind their sisters. When several members of the town want him to force her to leave town, he stands up for her, reminding them that she was a victim also. Chaz's own father is one of the most vocal, blaming Tawny for not helping find his daughter. On his way home from work that evening he finds Tawny's jeep in the ditch. He's disturbed to hear what happened and even more disturbed when he found the threats at her house. He's determined to find out who is behind them.

From here things just get more intense as both Tawny and Chaz turn their minds to investigating just what happened. At first, every question they get answered just brings up more questions. Then the attacks on Tawny become physical and more dangerous. Somebody clearly doesn't want her digging and they don't want her to have a chance to remember. Then one question starts a chain of events that brings answers no one expected and one I definitely didn't see coming. That wasn't even the end of it, as there was one more twist that I halfway suspected, but didn't want to believe.

The relationship that developed between Tawny and Chaz was one that did not go smoothly. Though he stood up for her, there were times that Chaz wondered if Tawny knew more than she was saying, but then he would feel guilty for thinking it. For the most part his protectiveness and the attraction he felt for her were his overriding feelings, to the point where he started to wonder if she would be willing to stay. He did have one bad point where he backslid and made accusations that he shouldn't have, but realized it once he cooled off. Tawny also found herself falling for Chaz, but couldn't see herself ever living in a town where so many hated her. At the end, Chaz realized the depth of his feelings when he nearly lost her. I loved seeing the way things worked out for them.

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