Roaming Around The RRRC Quarterly Challenge

Roaming Around The RRRC Quarterly Challenge
June 15 - September 14

Would you like to explore some of the things the RRRC group has to offer? Here's a fun way to check out some of the challenges and threads we have here. Who knows, you may stumble upon a challenge you hadn't noticed before, or didn't think was for you, but now looks intriguing!

This is a 3 month challenge . There are 4 levels and you may complete as few as 1 level or as many as all 4. No page minimum, rereads and audiobooks allowed. If there is a link posted with a task, that link will take you to a thread you should use for the task. If the task says 'recent' then you may use the link provided or find another thread, in the last three months, that fulfills the task.

Level 1- Any 5 tasks
Level 2- Any 10 tasks
Level 3- Any 15 tasks
Level 4- All 20 tasks

Roaming Around The RRRC tasks -

1. Read one book found in a recent 'What Are You Reading?' or 'Favorite Read' thread. Here is the link to the folder where both can be found - General discussion folder

2. Read one book found in the Latest Book Purchase thread.

3. Read one book that was recommended to someone else in a recent PIFM Challenge. Please state who's recommendation you used and which PIFM you found it in. Monthly Folder Where PIFM Challenges Can Be Found

4. Read one book chosen from the shelf of any RRRC member that they have rated 4 or 5 stars. List of RRRC members and links to theirprofile

5. Using the list of authors from the Authors After Dark Challenge, read one book from one of the authors listed.

6. In the 2014-A-Z Author Challenge, read one book by any author found on any participant's list.

7. In the 2014-A-Z Book Challenge, read one book listed by any participant of that challenge.

8. Using the 2014 A-Z Friends Challenge, read one book from any participant's shelves. You will not be reading a book listed in the posts, but a book on one of the participants shelves. Who knows, you may find a new to you member whose shelves you like....maybe friend them?

9. Read a book found on any Random List Challenge list. There are over 2000 titles to choose from!

10. Read any book written by a recent (current or within 3 months) Featured Author Challenge author.

11. Set the dice roller to 2 and roll the dice. Dice Roller
Read one book that includes both of your numbers in the page count or add the numbers together and read a book with that number of letters in the title.
If you thought rolling the dice was fun, consider joining the Yahtzee Challenge already in progress...or wait for the next round in 2015.

12. Read one book found on one of the Mod's shelves.

13. Read one book found on the RRRC group bookshelf. RRRC group bookshelf

14. Using the Where In The World Are You? thread, check out all of the great places we RRRC members are from, and read one book from any one location listed.

15. Read one book with a cover that is a color found in the rainbow - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. The cover should be mostly that color. Stop by the Read A Rainbow Challenge if you like and check it out!

16. Read one book found in either the Dare You To Read or Buddy Reads folders. Please state which thread you found your book in.

17. Click on the following link and go to the In Uniform Challenge . Read one book that fits one of the uniform occupations listed.

18. Click on the following link and go to the 'Serial Reader Challenge-Take 2! . Complete task 3, 4 or 5 in that challenge. Please state which task you used.

19. Read one book using one letter from the current 'Read The Seasons' Challenge- 2014 READ THE SEASON: WELSH EDITION:Yr HAF(Summer) . The letter can be used for the first word in the title or author's first or last name.

20. Read one book using one letter from the current 'Read The Month' Challenge (June, July or August). The letter can be used for the first word in the title or author's first or last name. Monthly Challenges Folder

1.  Full Throttle - Erin McCarthy (Berkley - Dec 2013) (2014 June what are you reading #67) - July 13
3.  Shadow Spell - Nora Roberts (Berkley - Mar 2014) (May PIFM - Pam for Penney msg #173) - June 18
4.  Highlander's Curse - Melissa Mayhue (Pocket - Apr 2011) (Mandy Beyers)
5.  Hot on the Hunt - Melissa Cutler (HRS #1809 - July 2014) - July 14
6.  Just in Time - Addison Fox (Signet - Aug 2013) - July 5
7.  Dash of Peril - Lori Foster (HQN - Mar 2014) - July 3
8.  Guardian - Catherine Mann (Berkley - Sept 2012) (Barbara) - July 11
10. Dragonfly in Amber - Diana Gabaldon (Dell - Nov 1993) - July 13
11. Traceless - HelenKay Dimon (HI #1498 - June 2014) (Dice 1 & 6 - page 216) - Aug 13
12. Yz - The Bridegroom Wore Plaid - Grace Burrowes (SourcebooksCasablanca - Dec 2012) - July 10
14. The Daddy Secret - Judy Duarte (HSE #2318 - Mar 2014) (Texas) - June 19
15. Against the Storm - Kat Martin (Mira - Oct 2011) (purple) - June 19
17. The Proud Italian - Alison Roberts (HMED #667 - May 2014) (doctor) - Aug 4
18. Dating a Single Dad - Kris Fletcher (HS #1937 - July 2014) - June 25
19. Against the Odds - Kat Martin (Mira - Dec 2012) (A) - June 20
20. Against the Night - Kat Martin (Mira - Mar 2012) (A - August) - July 27

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