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Highlander's Curse - Melissa Mayhue (Pocket - Apr 2011)

Series: Daughters of the Glen (Book 8)

When COLIN MACALISTER is cursed by the Faerie Queen and ends up in the bed of a twenty-first-century woman -- who also happens to be the most beautiful creature he's ever laid eyes on -- he's torn between anger and lust. Colin is determined to see Scotland free of English control and must return to the fourteenth century, yet he cannot forget the woman who haunts his dreams and stirs him with scorching desire.

ABIGAIL PORTER can't believe her luck. After making a wish to find her soul mate, she wakes up to find a gorgeous man in her bed! Can he really be a medieval Highlander summoned by her Faerie Magic, however? It seems crazy, but when Abby discovers someone wants to enslave her because of her Faerie heritage, she agrees to flee with Colin to 1306 Scotland to avoid capture. Thwarting danger at every turn, Abby and Colin surrender to an irresistible passion. But is the magic of true love powerful enough to save them?

Good book. Colin is a fourteenth century Scot, caught up in the war to free Scotland from the English. When he goes to a seer for advice on how to win, he runs afoul of the Faerie Queen, who curses him with being able to hear the pain of all who have no Soulmates. Ten years later he is sucked into the future and ends up in Abby's bed. As beautiful as she is, he feels the need to get back home. He has a cousin who also lives in the future and goes to her for help. He hasn't been able to forget Abby, who haunts his dreams.

Abby is an archaeologist who has a magical talent for finding things. It turns out she has Faerie blood and that is her gift. A late night wish for The One brings Colin to her bed, but she doesn't believe his story. She gladly hands him off to his cousin, a former professor of hers, but is unable to forget him. She is involved in a dig in Scotland, but is unaware that the man in charge has more in mind for her. He is an evil Fae who wants her for her Faerie blood.

Both Colin and Abby are strong minded people with definite ideas about their futures. Colin is determined to get back home and save king and country from the disaster he discovered by reading a history book in the future. He refuses to listen to anyone who tells him that he cannot go back and change history without causing devastating results. When he finds out that he is in the future because of Abby he is determined that she send him back. His connection to her also makes him aware of the evil that is stalking her, and he is compelled to protect her. 

Abby is thrilled to be included in the dig in Scotland, but the man is charge is really starting to creep her out. The attention he pays to her makes her very uncomfortable. Colin's reappearance in her life is timely, as she hopes that pretending he is her boyfriend will keep Jonathan away from her. However, she has a very hard time believing Colin's story of who he is, how he got there, and what he needs her to do. But when the only way to escape is to wish themselves back to 1306, suddenly she has to believe.

I loved the connection between Colin and Abby, which was very strong. Their interactions, especially at the beginning when Abby didn't believe him, were pretty fun. The more time they spent together, the deeper their connection got. Things really got good when they admitted their feelings for each other, but they had to deal with what was keeping them apart. Colin does not want to give up his plans to save king and country, even though it goes against everyone's advice. And Abby is not at all happy with the idea of staying in 1306. She is a modern woman who likes her life just as it is. Ultimately, they have to decide which is more important - their plans or their love.

Their conflict with the evil Fae was very well done. His thoughts and motivations were believably portrayed. Colin had spent a long time fighting against his own Faerie heritage, seeing only the trouble it had caused. That same heritage made it possible for him to be the one to save Abby. Her reactions to Jonathan before she knew what he was showed good instincts on her part, even though she was reluctant to believe the truth at the beginning. I loved the journey to the past and seeing Abby's reactions to everything. Abby had great instincts about Colin, and some of the things she had to do to stay with him were fun to see, and his reactions were priceless. The ending was great and I loved how they worked things out.

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