Thursday, August 7, 2014

The Black Sheep's Inheritance - Maureen Child (HD #2294 - Apr 2014)

Series: Dynasties: The Lassiters (Book 1)

Follow the money…into bed!

Estranged from his adoptive father, Sage Lassiter earned his own billions. But when J.D. Lassiter leaves a fortune to his private nurse in his will and cheats his own daughter of her rightful inheritance…Sage is enraged, to say the least. He's sure nurse Colleen Falkner isn't the innocent she appears. And he's willing to go to any lengths to expose her…even seduction.

But using sex -- crazed, incredible sex -- to find out what she knows could backfire. Because Colleen is not what Sage expected. And like it or not, she's about to demolish all the barriers he's carefully constructed around his heart.

Great start to the series, after the prequel of Beauty and the Best Man set things up. JD Lassiter is dead and the reading of his will has shaken up the entire family. Sage isn't expecting anything, having been estranged from his father for awhile, but he's furious when his sister isn't left what everyone expected her to get. To make matters worse, his father's nurse is given three million dollars. Sage is sure that Colleen manipulated his father somehow and is determined to find out the truth, even if that means sleeping with her.

Colleen wasn't expecting anything, but the money will give her the chance to fulfill her dream of becoming a nurse practitioner in the isolated areas near Cheyenne. She's upset by Sage's accusations, but feels she's alleviated his fears when he starts to spend time with her.

There's an intense attraction between Colleen and Sage that they try to resist. Sage was burned by a woman when he was younger and has spent the years since not trusting them. He'll sleep with them, but he doesn't allow his emotions to get involved. He'd rather keep to himself and protect his heart. But he finds that Colleen isn't anything like what he thought she was. The way she cares for others is something he hasn't seen in the women he usually dates. He also gets very protective of her when he finds out what her plans are. But his fears for her safety and his lack of control around her have him running scared. He doesn't want to admit to himself that he actually cares about her.

Colleen has been a little in love with Sage since she would listen to JD talk about him. The attraction took off the first time she met him, but she doesn't think he'd be interested in her. She's got a pretty low opinion of her looks, especially compared to the women he usually is with. His accusations about her inheritance make her mad, but she's willing to talk to him about his father and show him that he's wrong. Before long they're spending more time together and she's falling deeper in love with him. She knows that he has trust issues, but feels like she's making some progress in showing him that family and love are what's most important in life.

When things blow up in Sage's face, he has to decide if his fears are worth hanging on to or if it's finally time to let them go. I thought that Colleen handled things better than he did. She was hurt by what she heard, but she had the strength to stand up to Sage and tell him that she deserved better than what she had gotten from him. I loved the ending and seeing what a huge difference Colleen made in Sage once he finally let her in.

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