Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Beauty and the Best Man - Maureen Child (HD - Apr 2014)

Series: Dynasties: The Lassiters (Book .5)

May the Best Man Win…the Maid of Honor?

Lassiter Media millionaire Matt Hollis never let a woman stand between him and his career. But now Matt's best friend is marrying the Lassiter heiress -- and her insufferable maid of honor has stolen Matt's heart. Kayla Prince is way more than this skilled negotiator bargained for.

But Kayla's conflicted. The man left her in the lurch for his L.A. gig; now he wants her back? Fool her once, shame on Matt, fool her twice…well, actually, this second chance feels like the real thing. But a fateful night is about to put that feeling to the ultimate test….

Good story, but I would have liked it to be a little longer with more development of the characters.  Matt and Kayla had met nine months ago when their best friends got engaged. They struck sparks off each other immediately, spending most of their encounters arguing.  Then one night those sparks turned to flames and they had an incredible night together.  But the next day, Matt left without a word and hasn't contacted Kayla since.  Now that he's back for the wedding, Matt needs to talk to her, but Kayla doesn't want to take the risk again.

I liked Matt and Kayla, though I certainly understood her frustration with him.  Kayla was furious and hurt that Matt had left without a word and not contacted her since he left.  She hasn't been able to forget him or that night.  Having him back in town is putting a strain on her ability protect herself.  I really liked the way that she didn't just give in when he started laying on the charm again.  Seeing her call him on his actions was very satisfying.  Being forced to spend time together again brought all her feelings back to the surface and when they gave in again she was mad at herself.  She also got really confused when he went back to spending time with her but not trying to get back in her bed.  It gave them time to get to know each other better and she began to see more of the man he was.  When tragedy happens and it looks like he'll be leaving again, Kayla has to decide if she's ready to fight for what she wants.

Matt bugged me a bit at first.  First he slept with her and then left without talking to her or contacting her again.  Then when he came back he seemed to want to just pick up where they left off.  But as the story went on I saw that he had been overwhelmed by his reaction to Kayla.  He's always been the type of guy to be totally in control of his emotions and not allowing a woman to interfere with his professional goals.  When he was offered the job in LA it gave him the perfect excuse to get away from Kayla and try to get himself back on track.  He didn't expect miss her the way that he did and to be constantly thinking about her.  He panicked over the fact that she made him feel things he'd never felt before.  I liked seeing him a bit nervous when he saw her again, even though he tried to hide it.  He knew he wanted her back in his life and he tried to make a plan to show her how he felt and what he thought she should do.  When tragedy made those plans fall apart he finally realized that plans mean nothing if the feelings aren't there.  I loved seeing him finally show her the truth of how he felt.  His nervousness and rambling were kind of cute as he tried to explain to her why he had done the things he had done.  

I'm looking forward to the rest of the series and seeing the changes that will be coming to the Lassiter family.  

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