Thursday, April 10, 2014

Once Pregnant, Twice Shy - Red Garnier (HD #2298 - Apr 2014)

Series: Gage Brothers (Book 3)

What's one impulsive night between old friends?

Tied together by tragedy, business tycoon Garrett Gage has always vowed to protect Kate Devaney -- at all costs. What he doesn't expect is that she'd someday need protection from him. When did Kate blossom from an orphaned little girl into a breathtaking woman? And what possessed him to forsake a deathbed vow and take vulnerable Kate into his arms, into his bed?

Now that they'd been intimate, things have changed -- more than Garrett could possibly know. Kate is carrying his child. And along with that, a secret that could change everything….

Good book with some intense heat between Garrett and Kate.  

Garrett has loved Kate for years, but his guilty feelings over her father's death won't allow him to believe in a future with her.  Those feelings get worse when they give in to their passion and he feels like he has betrayed his vow to protect her.  Garrett is torn up over his feelings for Kate.  He wants her in his life, but can't believe she would want him because of his part in her father's death.  I loved seeing his brothers try to convince him to go after what he wants.

Kate has likewise been in love with Garrett, but hasn't been able to get his attention.  She's ready to give up and move away, in hopes of getting over him and finding someone else to love.  Her one night of passion with him shows her what she could have. When she ends up pregnant, she isn't sure what Garrett's reaction will be, especially since she believes he's about to get engaged to someone else.  

I loved the ending and seeing them both at Molly and Julian's wedding. It was fun to see their reactions to what the other said and did.  I loved the way that both finally admitted their love and were able to overcome their fears. 

There's an interesting twist to a business deal the brothers are working on that I hope is a setup for another book.  The existence of an illegitimate half-brother who hates them has the potential for a really good story.

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