Friday, April 4, 2014

Aiming for the Cowboy - Mary Leo (HAR #1491 - Mar 2014)

Series: Fatherhood

Baby Steps…

Helen Shaw loves her independence. On the rodeo circuit for months at a time, Helen's focused on her championship dreams. That all changes when she discovers she's pregnant with Colt Granger's baby. Friends with Colt since childhood, Helen always hoped they might be something more, but not like this. Not because he feels an obligation.

As a single dad, Colt's got his hands full with three raucous young boys and a busy ranch, but he can't stop thinking about Helen. He's thrilled when she suddenly quits competing and returns to Briggs, Idaho…until he finds out why. Colt's night with Helen was definitely more than a fling, but he never meant for it to lead to another baby. Could this misstep actually be a step in the right direction?

Fun book.  Helen and Colt have been friends for most of their lives.  Helen has also had a bit of a crush on him.  One night their friendship goes a little further and Helen ends up pregnant.  Kids haven't been in her plan for the immediate future as she concentrates on her rodeo career.  Colt is stunned to find out that Helen is pregnant with his baby.  As the single father of three boys he had not wanted any more children, but he's not going to walk away from Helen.  Can he convince her to give them a chance?

Helen has always been focused on her rodeo career and her dream of a national championship.  Finding out she's pregnant puts those dreams on hold.  She's really nervous because she's never really been involved with taking care of kids and feels completely unprepared.  With this being Colt's baby, she fully expects that it's another boy and will be just like the three he has - really wild.  Colt starts pushing for them to get married, but Helen doesn't want him to marry her because it's the "right" thing to do, she wants love.  She also tries very hard to maintain her independence even though she likes being able to lean on Colt.  She likes being around his boys but she worries about whether she could really be a good mother for them.  It was fun to see her interact with them.  She also has a dream for her post rodeo life, but it seems to be in direct conflict with what Colt wants.  Some of that conflict could have been lessened if she and Colt had actually spent some time talking and listening to each other.  

Colt lost his wife when his third son was born.  The boys are pretty wild and he knows that he should be looking for a wife who can help him with them.  Problem is, ever since that night with Helen she's all he can really think about.  He'd love to get her in his life permanently, but he doesn't see her giving up her rodeo life any time soon.  I loved his happiness when she gave up her competing, but he was shocked when he found out why.  He was so very protective of her because of how he lost his wife that he was kind of smothering her.  Colt also had a lot of responsibility running his family's potato ranch and that work put him in conflict with Helen and her dream for her future.  I loved seeing him try to reconcile both and the struggles that he went through before he realized what was most important to him.

I loved the small town setting and how close and supportive people are with each other.  It was fun seeing both Colt and Helen try to work things out while dealing with the interference from family and friends.  I also loved Colt's three boys.  They all seemed to be pretty normal kids, getting into the kind of trouble that kids do.  

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