Monday, May 26, 2014

To Catch a Camden - Victoria Pade (HSE #2338 - June 2014)

Series: Camdens of Colorado (Book 6)

His single days are numbered...
Look up unlucky in love in the dictionary, and you'll see Gia Grant's picture. Still, she takes inspiration from her elderly neighbors--married seventy years --and will do anything to stop foreclosure on their home. That includes running interference with businessman Derek Camden. He says he's here to help, but everyone knows Camdens can't be trusted. So why is it every time she turns around she wants to kiss this lovable lout?

Derek has a knack for falling for the wrong women--over and over Luckily, working with the goody-goody girl next door to make amends to her neighbors doesn't represent a romantic threat. Or so he likes to tell himself--because the beautiful botanist is growing on him Could this be the bachelor's last stand?

The younger Camdens continue their attempts to make amends for the shady business practices of their relatives. Now it is Derek's turn to step up to the plate. It has come to their attention that an elderly couple is about to lose their home. Many years ago Derek's grandfather had caused this couple to lose the hotel business that had been in their family for many years. Now they are having trouble making the payments on their home and keeping it in good repair. A neighbor woman has gotten involved and is spearheading a campaign to help. She's aware of the bad blood and doesn't trust Derek when he claims to want to help.

Besides being aware of the trouble that the Camdens caused, Gia has had her own trouble with a wealthy family. She was married to a rich man for seven years. His family was also known for shady business practices, plus they had never treated people who weren't born into their family like more than second class citizens. So she is very wary around Derek. But the more involved he gets in the activities to help the Bronsons, the more she begins to think that he really is different.

Derek is in the midst of trying to redeem himself with his family. He's never had the best judgment when it comes to women. He tends to get involved with the wild ones who then lead him into doing stupid things. The last one was an embarrassment for the whole family, not just him. He's tried going out with "normal" women, but they just don't hold his interest. But there's something about Gia that has him fascinated with her. 

Neither one is interested in any romantic entanglements. Gia is still recovering from her divorce and certainly doesn't want to get involved with another man she thinks is just like her ex.  Derek is just trying to stay out of trouble.

I really liked seeing Gia and Derek get to know each other. Derek understood Gia's reservations after she told him what her marriage had been like, but he really wanted her to see that the Camdens were different. He knew that for himself, Gia was unlike anyone he'd ever been with before. He really wanted to see where things might go between them. But Gia is afraid to risk her heart again and pushes him away to protect herself. I loved seeing Derek realize what he'd been looking for all this time, and the way he went about getting Gia to listen was great.

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