Thursday, May 29, 2014

The SEAL's Baby - Laura Marie Altom (HAR #1503 - June 2014)

Series: Operation Family (Book 6)

To Save A SEAL...
When navy SEAL Heath Stone's wife died, he thought his heart was closed forever. When he finds Libby Dewitt, eight months pregnant and stranded outside Bent Road, Oregon, he is drawn to her beauty, but also to her sweet and generous nature. But how can he even think about being with someone else? He had love once and lost it--and he's not sure he can take that kind of loss a second time.

Alone and estranged from her family, Libby Dewitt always wondered what it would feel like to truly belong. She feels at home with Heath, but he just won't let her in. Despite her own troubles, her heart aches for everything Heath has been through. To save this SEAL, Libby is ready to fight--for love.

Good book. Both Heath and Libby have had losses in their lives, but each has dealt with them differently.  Heath has emotionally shut down since the death of his wife. When he finds Libby on the side of the road his protective instincts come out enough that he offers her some help. However, when she also awakens some of those shut down emotions, all he can think about is getting her to move on as soon as possible. Libby is eight months pregnant and on her own after finding the man she thought she loved cheating on her. She'd already been kicked out by her parents, so she is pretty much alone. She fights back against her losses by trying to look on the bright side of things. One of those bright sides is the way that the people of Bent Road, especially Heath's mom, have taken her in.

I loved seeing Heath and Libby together. Libby is fiercely independent, but thanks to her circumstances realizes that she has to learn to accept help. Heath can't help but offer her that help - there's something about her that works its way past the walls he has erected around his heart. It seemed that every day she did something that would make him smile or laugh, but then he would feel guilty because he was alive and his wife wasn't. He fought the reawakening of his emotions so hard because he was really afraid to risk his heart again. I loved seeing Libby try to reach Heath. She was so comfortable with him from the very beginning, even when he was being a grouch. I really liked the way that his treatment of her showed her the difference between what she had thought was love and what love really was. She came to love him so much that it hurt her to see him deny himself the chance to love again. It was great to see her have the confidence in herself to stand up to him at the end and tell him what she wanted from him. It was his fears that kept him from accepting what she was offering. Poor Heath turned out to be something of a slow learner, but a conversation with a fellow SEAL's wife gave him a new way of looking at things. I loved seeing him finally get it right. I also loved the little twist at the end.

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