Monday, May 12, 2014

The Bachelor Doctor's Bride - Caro Carson (HSE #2334 - May 2014)

Series: Doctors MacDowell (Book 3)

Paging Dr. Love!

Cardiologist Quinn MacDowell has no time for affairs of the heart -- especially those not related to his job. So when bubbly Diana Connor gets underneath his white coat like no woman has before, Quinn is determined to keep his hands, and his heart, to himself. She's just too…well, peppy…for a man as serious as him. Or so he keeps telling himself…

No matter how hard she tries, Diana just can't seem to break through Quinn's icy facade. The hunky doctor must want someone who doesn't come with all of her baggage. But then these polar opposites find themselves working side by side, and both are hit by Cupid's arrow -- for which there's no cure!

Good book with two people who seemed to be total opposites. Quinn is a serious guy. As a heart doctor he deals with science, not emotion. As a member of the family that founded the hospital, he has spent the last couple years trying to keep it going, leaving little time for any kind of relationship. He's also not a fan of these required functions, so this charity ball is something to just be endured. Then he is accosted by the perky Diana, who is determined to see him have a good time. Diana hates seeing people unhappy and has a talent for matching them up with just what they need. She notices him right away and is compelled to change his evening.

I thought the ball scene was a lot of fun. Quinn has realized that there is something missing in his life after watching his brother dance with his wife. Perhaps it is time to look for a wife of his own. It shouldn't be a problem to find someone suitable. But with Diana finding women for him to dance with, he's more interested in her than anyone else, which baffles him. She's nothing like anyone he's ever been interested in before. I loved the way he relaxed with her and just enjoyed himself. That enjoyment turned more intense by the end of the evening.

I loved seeing Diana's joy in helping people have a good time. It was fun seeing her get Quinn dancing. I also enjoyed seeing her reactions to him and how much she liked him. It wasn't so much fun seeing how sure she was that she was all wrong for him herself. She always seemed so surprised when he would do or say something nice to her. She also had a wonderful sensitivity to other people's distress. She could tell that something was bothering Quinn and when she found out what it was she was determined to be there for him. I loved seeing their attraction heat up.

Quinn was very confused at how much he wanted to keep Diana in his life. She was so different, but she made him feel so good. He also had trouble treating her the same way he had previous relationships. Those he had always kept separate from his professional life, but Diana refused to be kept apart. She wanted to hear about his day, and she had no trouble sharing him with his job. I loved seeing her stand up to him when he tried to keep her separate. He also started to get to know her and tried to understand her. 

Diana lost her mother when she was born, and only had a single letter she had written to remember her by. Her mom talked about making other people happy and not being selfish. So Diana keeps trying to give Quinn up for someone she thinks would be better for him, but Quinn refuses to go. He sees that they could be happy together, but he has to convince her. There are a couple great moments where he stands up for her against some really snotty people, and I have high hopes that she will start to see that she deserves to be happy too. But there is one more hurdle she has to overcome, and I loved seeing that it was Quinn who gave her the ability to do it. The ending was sweet.

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