Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Suddenly Expecting - Paula Roe (HD #2291 - Mar 2014)

Going from best friends to bed partners…to expecting a baby?

The tabloids love Kat Jackson. But hunky sports star turned TV presenter Marco Correlli always had her back. Now, after a night of indiscretion, Marco has just become a key player in the Kat saga -- because he's about to become the proud papa of her child.

Kat can't fathom why she slipped up and slept with her buddy. She'd always managed to resist his admittedly irresistible charms. But when he takes her to his private island to regroup, it's time to face the truth…this is way bigger than best friends!

Good book.  Kat has been a magnet for trouble for most of her adult life and the tabloids have been there to document it.  But her friends have always been there for her, especially Marco.  She's always managed to resist his appeal, keeping their friendship strong.  But one night, thanks to a bit too much celebrating, she and Marco had gone beyond that friendship.  Now that she's pregnant they have to decide whether to stick to being friends or take it up to the next level.

Kat never planned to have children.  She watched her mother die from a devastating disease and fears that she may be a carrier.  She doesn't want to put a child through the same things she did.  She's also been afraid to take the test that would tell her one way or the other because she doesn't want to have a potential death sentence hanging over her as she tries to live her life.  It did have the effect on her of making her spend a period of time living very recklessly before she wised up.  Marco was always there to listen to her when she needed to talk.  After that one night she has tried to put Marco back in the friends only category, not wanting their friendship to change, but the change can't be stopped.  

Marco has been disturbed by the fact that Kat has begun ignoring his calls.  When he finally arrives back in Australia after ten weeks away doing his job he is ready to confront her.  He whisks Kat away to his island retreat just as a cyclone is about to hit.  As they are confined to the island during the storm Marco works hard to get their friendship back on track, but he also wants more.  He hasn't been able to forget that night and that attraction is still running hot.  He is sensitive to her fears and tries not to rush things.  

Because of the baby Kat has finally gotten the test for the disease done and as she waits for the results she has to confront her feelings for Marco.  She finally admits to herself that she loves him but she doesn't want him to feel obligated to marry her because of the baby.  She is certain that all he wants from her is their friendship to go back to the way it was.  

Meanwhile, Marco is certain that Kat just wants friendship, in spite of the incredible heat that flares up every time they are together.  He goes along with that but is also determined to win her heart.  I really loved the way he was there for her as she waited for the test results.  

Kat went through some pretty intense emotions throughout the book.  They had the effect of making her take a good hard look at her life.  I enjoyed the changes she made as she moved away from the more reckless lifestyle.  The empathy she feels for people who are in trouble gives her ideas for what she can do with her time.

There is an interesting twist that comes about because of the test results and I liked the way it was handled.  I will be interested to see if it will have an effect on a later book.  I loved the conclusion of the book and seeing both Marco and Kat finally have the courage to admit their feelings to each other.  I would have liked to see an epilogue, maybe after the baby is born.

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