Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Moving Target - Kimberly Van Meter (HRS #1790 - Feb 2014)

"I don't think I can live with what I've done…."

In an effort to cure an ailing relative, Dr. Kat Odgers makes a revolutionary new drug -- and powerful new enemies. She has no idea what her latest concoction is capable of, but Jake Isaacs knows. And Jake must get to Kat before someone else does. Her safety is his mission, but the assignment gets complicated when a strong mutual attraction threatens to throw him off course. Centered in the crosshairs of corrupt adversaries, Jake and Kat must suppress their growing passions and focus on survival. But when Kat's formula falls into the wrong hands, they may face full knowledge of the drug's catastrophic effects.

Good book.  Kat is scientist that has been working on a drug to help Alzheimer's patients when her latest tests show a terrible result.  Devastated by the results she is stunned when she is basically kidnapped by a government agent, claiming it's for her protection.  Jake is determined to keep her safe, especially when it becomes obvious that there is someone after them.

Once Jake gets Kat away, no easy feat given her initial hysterics, he tries to explain to her some of the ramifications of her drug.  She becomes a bit more cooperative and he starts to notice that he has some unwelcome reactions around her.  Not only is he attracted to her, he finds her endlessly intriguing and amusing.  Kat has been an introverted geek all her life.  Raised by a bachelor uncle and pretty much a geek outcast in school, Kat has never developed any social skills.  She has a tendency to say what she thinks without worrying about its effects on other people.  She realizes she is attracted to Jake and has no problem letting him know.  I loved her attempt at seduction and the conversation she and Jake had.  Meanwhile Jake's feelings for Kat are growing even though he won't admit it, even to himself.  He doesn't understand how she has gotten past the barriers he has kept around his past.  Every time he revealed something about his past it deepens their connection.  One thing I liked about Jake was that he really was a nice guy at heart.  He admits to her that he prefers to have some kind of connection with any woman he has a relationship with and that there haven't been all that many of those.  He fears that his feelings for her have compromised his ability to do his job and ignores his instincts at one point.

Those actions get them separated, Jake nearly killed and Kat captive of those that want her drug for themselves.  Kat's fears were convincingly portrayed and her danger very obvious.  I loved seeing Jake go to his brother Nathan (The Sniper) for help and see them start to mend their relationship.  The final confrontation was intense.

The suspense of the story is well done and has moments that made me think about what would happen if it were real.  I have to admit that Kat irritated me at first with her hysterics but she grew on me as the story went on.  She kept her head pretty well at the end.  There was one twist involving Jake that I'm not so sure I liked, but it certainly added increased tension to the story.

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