Monday, September 15, 2014

Taming the Takeover Tycoon - Robyn Grady (HD #2318 - Aug 2014)

Series: Dynasties: The Lassiters (Book 5)

Jack Reed spells trouble. But has trouble met its match?

The business world trembles at the mere mention of Jack Reed, but Becca Stevens has no such fear. Her pleas for him to end his hostile takeover of Lassiter Media should be laughable. Yet there's such sincerity in her eyes, such a light his own life seriously lacks. Becca wants to show him just what his ruthless quest is costing others. And he goes along with her plan, seeing it as the perfect opportunity to woo her into his bed. But is he walking right into her trap -- one that neither of them will want to escape?

Fantastic book, filled with all types of emotion. In previous books of the series, JD Lassiter's death and the terms of his will have split the family apart. Taking advantage of the turmoil, Jack is helping Angie Lassiter attempt a hostile takeover of the family company. He is known for acquiring companies and then tearing them apart for maximum profit. Becca has seen the effects this takeover bid is having on the Lassiter's charity foundation and is determined to do something about it.

Becca is one determined and stubborn woman. From everything she has learned about Jack she believes him to be evil personified. It's obvious to her that he cares absolutely nothing about the harm that his actions cause to others. So she confronts him and challenges him to spend a week with her and let her try to convince him to give up his plans. Her idea is to show him another side of life, one where people need the kind of help her charity provides. 

Jack is known for being cold and ruthless in his business dealings. He learned long ago to bury his emotions when dealing with other people. He has no intention of changing his plans, but he's quite happy to spend time in Becca's company. There is something about her that he just can't stay away from.  He knows what she thinks of him and if there are some things she doesn't know about him, that's just the way it has to be. He doesn't expect that being with her makes him start to feel again and that actually begins to affect some of his business dealings. 

The chemistry between Jack and Becca is hot. Both are strong minded, stubborn people who don't change their minds easily. Jack admits his attraction to Becca quickly, but she really tries to fight it.  She can't understand how she can be attracted to someone whose values appear to be the complete opposite of hers. But as she gets him away from the city and his business dealings, she gets the occasional glimpse of a different Jack, one she finds herself liking. Then the old Jack makes a reappearance and she's left feeling confused and betrayed.

I did get a bit frustrated with Becca at times. She seemed a bit too judgmental of him, almost holding herself up as the perfect example of what a good person is supposed to be like. She did have a good heart, and I enjoyed seeing her show Jack a different view from what he was used to. I loved seeing his reaction to the dog and how it worked its magic on Jack. I found it interesting that Jack did have some good parts that he kept hidden from everyone, even Becca. When everything came to a head at the end, both Becca and Jack had to take hard looks at their own attitudes and expectations before they could have a chance at a life together.

There were some very intriguing twists and turns to the plot of this story. There were some cryptic conversations between Jack and the Lassiter lawyer, and between Jack and Angie that had me very confused about what was going on. There was also a secondary story dealing with another one of Jack's business deals that ended up far different than anything Jack had expected. 

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